With a good eye for detail and trend forecasting, Nuraan is able to bring to life pieces that match the unwavering strength that South African women hold. Strong-willed and buoyant are only but two words to describe her, paired with her love of crisp white bedding and sneakers!

STREET LINES ® was founded in 2014 by Nuraan Samsodien after she decided to cash in all her savings and go fabric shopping. Lover of all things street wear, Nuraan created Street Lines based on a niche in the market for off-beat pieces that were hard to come across in South Africa. Her ideal fashion line involved creating unique street wear pieces that are made with care and celebrate the independent South African woman.

She is of Cape Malay descent and it is widely known that they were amazing tailors and seamstresses. She inherited her style from her grandparents who created tailor-made suits, and closer to home, from her mother, who has made a few memorable wedding dresses and created fail proof patterns. The two work together to create edgy yet classic collections that are versatile and suitable for almost any body shape. It is always important to remember where it all began; Nuraan started off with two full circle skirts in Shwe Shwe and the response was unexpected. Every cent made thereafter went into the business and she realised she had found her calling.

Being ethical and giving back to the community is at the forefront of Street Line’s mission; the brand hosts a charity drive every few months and donates all goods collected to neighbouring communities and organisations in need.

Apparently, being a Girl Boss is defined as a woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work and life.

She kicks ass! It is why STREET LINES ® makes a point to work with other girl bosses and celebrate their creativity, inspiring the women of South Africa.